Herotime: Magic Colors and Pandas

I believe we’ve never spoken about a brand launched by someone far from clothing design, haven’t we? Well it’s a nice time to do it now, because sometimes it’s not so important to be an integral part of this market to come here and really make an impact. Let’s take a young brand Herotime from Canada for instance…

Herotime wasn’t born overnight. Basically I’d say it was a very consistent result of a long evolution of a talented Russian artist Lora Zombie. After her first works were welcomed on DeviantArt and several other art communities, she kept creating right until her lucky break in 2010, when the Canadian company called Eyes On Walls made a deal with her and started to sell her works worldwide. Constantly growing sales of Lora’s various kinds of prints and art books led to three (just yet) solo exhibitions – one in Toronto and two in New York. Finally in 2014 an idea was born between Eyes on Walls and Lora Zombie to implement Lora’s art into some original apparel. So the clothing design studio and the brand Herotime were launched.

As for now Herotime has released 5 collections and all of them are already sold-out (all of them were available for just 48 hours each and I didn’t manage to find any chance to actually buy anything from those collections now, so… I guess they’re sold-out), and I really hope this project turned out to be quite a success.

In the current world of fashion even top brands sometimes face backlashes.  When customers did not extend patronage as expected, few fashion houses had to withdraw their selected products from the market.  In such a trend, it is quite a remarkable achievement to start as a hit.  Visit this site to know what is so unique about Herotime.

Speaking about the apparel itself, it’s all about Lora Zombie and her original art, or should I say her imaginary world. To be honest the apparel itself is not that important here, it’s quite usual – t-shirts, dresses and tops. But it’s the Lora’s paintings that make all this clothing look absolutely marvelous! There can be no middle, it’s either “Oh it’s too much for me” or “Wow, I gotta have it!” and I should say I’m rather on the second side 😉 Especially I loved the overall printing t-shirts and dresses from the Panda, Spring Vibes and Galaxy collections, they’re definitely worth to at least take a look at (if you’re too late for order).

Did you like what you just saw? Then I believe you definitely should subscribe for Lora Zombie’s VIP (Very Important Pandas, yay!) list, just not to miss her next collection that’s hopefully going to be released later this year.