Gothicana: goth men walking

Not so long ago I happened to pay a visit to Leipzig, a beautiful city in the Eastern Germany. In case you’re not familiar with this location, it’s famous for three things: 1) Johann Sebastian Bach has been working there. He died there too though. 2) In 1989 Leipzig was one of the center points of the public demonstrations for the re-unification of Germany. 3) Probably the biggest annual gothic music festival in the whole world Wave Gotik Treffen takes place in Leipzig. The last fact is the one I love the most, because an even of such a huge size just couldn’t not to affect the whole city. On that day one of the reasons I came to Leipzig was my intention to visit all the major gothic/alternative stores in the city center, including the EMP store (former X-tra-X).

EMP is huge in Germany, basically is the default website people in Germany hit to buy various alternative stuff, like metal/goth clothing, CDs/DVDs, merchandise and so on, and so on, and so on. When I heard it had some offline stores and one of them was located in Leipzig, I just went there and ended up buying some very cool black pants from Gothicana… which just happened to be one of the brands EMP owns 🙂 Yes, EMP owns several clothing brands itself and that makes it even more interesting. Let’s start with Gothicana while my memories are still fresh.

With EMP being a default website for anything alternative, Gothicana seems to be born as a default gothic clothing brand having the most of things one could possible need and satisfying the most of possible needs in this market’s segment. It’s all about not too extravagant, but still very interesting and nice gothic clothes people wear both for special occasions and everyday. T-shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, tops, sweaters, jackets, footwear, various accessories – anything you could need for any season. Clothing is something that is not limited just to the fabric we wear or the dress we drape around. It becomes complete with the accessories and design. When you find more info here about the particular clothing brand, it shows that under a single cover, you can fix your full gothic look. The range of styles varies a lot and includes not only the classic urban goth apparel, but also something for the fans of batcave, victorian wave and steam punk.

The quality is always a crucially important factor and I’d say it’s totally worth the money. Again, may be the products’ originality won’t make your head spin, but the overall quality is very good and I really liked the materials and stitching. An extra point could be given for the fact Gothicana uses a lot of big black zippers where others tend to use buttons, which makes the clothes’s usability a lot better. I like zippers

Gothicana’s products can be found online or in one of the official EMP stores in Leipzig, Wietmarschen-Lohne, Essen, Nürnberg and Vienna.