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Flying Coffin: No Gods, No Masters

Flying Coffin

I found a short mentioning of Flying Coffin somewhere in the very deep of the online jungle and those couple of sentences were quite positive, so I tried collecting some more information and… failed. All the information about this brand was like a top state secret, even a couple of interviews with its founder Jason Gomez were already long removed from everywhere. When another link predictably brought me to a 404 error I even started to wonder if it was a real clothing brand or rather a hidden hangar with an alien corpse guarded by men in black. Still I wanted to believe!

Googling has never been closer to carrying out a real investigation and finally I discovered something. At least something! Flying Coffin (cool name, by the way) was started in 2006 in Seattle, Washington by Jason Gomez. According to a popular opinion, the initial reason behind Flying Coffin was neither financial success nor any kind of widespread appreciation. It was all about making a statement. Well, that explains why there are just a couple of short references about Flying Coffin online, and all of them look like their authors reckon themselves members of some kind of a secret society of “those who know” ;) They say it was Jason’s fiance who persuaded him into making it a real business and today it’s a real brand selling apparel in USA, Europe and even in Taiwan.

As you might notice Flying Coffin is all focused on pretty standard male urban apparel: t-shirts, hoodies and hats. What’s unique is the message they have. Looking through the brand’s designs you can’t help noticing quiet sinister and rebellious attitude covered with a thick dark humor coating. Like a psychodelic variegated hoodie with “The end of the world” lettering or Winona Ryder’s character from “Beetlejuice” with her quote “I want to be dead too”. It’s also clear Jason Gomez is not a big fan of institutional religion, because various antireligious messages are there too, even translated into different languages. Though a doggy with an upside down cross is a real winner :)

In summing up Flying Coffin (damn, I love this name) is a brand you might really like if you’re into urban clothes with rebellious prints and, as many say, very notable quality.


All images © Flying Coffin

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