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Faux Real: Are You Equipped For the Party?

Faux Real

I’m totally aware I’m probably late for April 1 with this article, but let’s not depend on the calendar! So, when somebody say “alternative fashion” you can immediately picture something original and daring, something that would help you express yourself, even something arty, but I’m sure nobody would think about funny clothing people usually wear just to have a good laugh. You know, just for fun :)

Faux Real is a brand owned by Creative Apparel Concepts and it’s main target is exactly the people who want to have fun or buy a funny gift for someone. The most popular product here is the long sleeve t-shirts with photorealistic prints that make you look like a cabaret dancer, a firefighter, a zombie, a super hero or a striptease dancer – the options have no limit.

Except the long sleeve tees, Faux Real sells t-shirts, leggings, dresses and skirts. There are products for everybody: men, women and even for kids. Some designs are kind of sexy and I know people who’d say they’re even sexist, but let’s not judge: you don’t like it – you don’t wear it. All of it is really the party stuff and there’s no intention to offence anybody.

Not much more can be said – funny long sleeve tees you’d expect to find in any local gift shop, but with significantly better quality. Personally I liked some of them with “weird Christmas sweater” motive. Perfect for an office Christmas party :)


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