Dig this deep into your mind if you want to stay fashionable and stylist always.

Discard clothes


Do not keep clothes in your wardrobe that you never wear. If your wardrobe has clothes that you do not need or you do not wear then it is time that you do some decluttering. You could do a swap with a friend or donate it to charity, the choice is yours. But make sure that you get these clothes out of your wardrobe. This will help to clear the space for those clothing that you wear regularly. It will let you put them up much easily and you will also see what is missing from your wardrobe.

A common mistake that all of us do is to convince ourselves that we will wear a piece again someday. But if you have not even thought about wearing cloth for a year then it is time that you bid goodbye.


Do not wear wrong underwear

Your underwear is important because it gives you confidence and makes you look beautiful. So if it has been a long time since you have not bought fitted underwear then it is time to go lingerie shopping. Loose bras and knickers or the too tight underwear makes even the most flattering clothes to look bad. It is similar to buying a beautiful house but where the foundation is weak.


To emphasis your beauty it is important that you wear underwear that is the right fit. This will offer extra comfort and support.


Choose the color of your dress

You will notice that you are drawn to a particular color a lot. But have you even wondered whether your favorite colour is right for you? The wrong color could lead to a fashion mistake and it can drain you. However, the sad truth is that it is not easy to access the colors. Many know that they look good in warm color but do not know which color they should actually opt for.

If you however do not know whether you are more towards the cool or the warm shades then here is the trick. Wear on a silver earning and then a gold earring. See which one looks good on you. If you look better in a silver earring then you need to pick up the cooler shades. If gold is what makes you look good then pick up the warmer shades.


Shopping for your clothing is an art and should be done carefully giving it a lot of time. Impulsive shopping always ends up in remorse. This mostly happens during the sale season or when there is an event the next hour and you do not have anything to wear to the event.