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The underground footwear market isn’t really overwhelmed with the manufacturers. Just try to find some particular gothic clothes and you’ll see dozens of options, but you’d hardly find more than 4-5 brands at once when it comes to boots. Why? Well… because they’re obviously hard to make and even harder to market. First of all you cannot make boots at home or in a small studio, so you must have a decent factory or even several of them. And secondly you have to find some pure imagination to prove you can suggest something new and gain a loyal customer or even fan base. Demonia has it all.

Founded in 1999 Demonia footwear is now produced in USA and is well-known in the whole world, because it’s pretty much everywhere, in every alternative/goth shop. At the same time it would be a great mistake to think Demonia is only into goth stuff. Look closely at their collection and you’ll see a wide variety of alternative footwear for any sub-genre: classic goth, rockabilly, steam punk, death rock, psychobilly, cyber etc – all forms, styles and colors.

I’d say it’s quite unusual to find so many colors and styles in this kind of footwear, because most alternative footwear brands limit themselves with only black leather and steel. Odin bless the steam punk wave that let them suddenly broaden their horizons with some brown stuff and copper. In this sense Demonia appears as a nice contrast, freely using various materials (chamois, textured fur substitutes and even plastic) and colors. Just look at their female zombie-styled rockabilly shoes or acid-colored cyber boots and you’ll get a taste.

It seems like Demonia had a problem lately with illegal companies selling fake boots of questionable quality and claiming them as Demonia products. Be warned, guys, don’t get fooled and buy only from the real licensed shops.

WWW: http://www.pleaserusa.com

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