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Darkside: We Have… Zombies!


1977 was probably a great year to be alive since so many awesome things were born around that time, but if you ask me “Is it a coincidence that “Star Wars: A New Hope” and the clothing brand “Darkside” have seen the light of day in the same year?” I’d probably answer “No way!” I don’t believe it was just a coincidence, may be rather a homage… and hey, “Darkside” is officially among the coolest words out there! It gives you a feeling of something macabre and dangerous, yet entertaining and encouraging, like a good old comic book, so I’d say this clothing brand from UK has reserved a name many brands would gladly kill for. Serially :)

Darkside was launched in Birmingham, UK in 1977 and is one of the oldest brands specializing mainly in horror, sci-fi and pop t-shirts and hoodies, but also jeans, shorts, tops, skirts, baby clothing and various accessories. It pretty much lives up to its name, because the most designs are sort of related to something dark, remaining at the same time funny and even positive. Of course if you feel alright with this kind of humor. Darkside loves the classic horror movies and it’s a thing I can totally relate to – all those outstanding designs with Freddy Krueger, Jason, Wednesday Addams, Michael Myers, Chucky.

Another subject you could find very prominent on Darkside’s website is zombies! Oh yeah, being such a popular thing in the modern media the rotting and bloodthirsty heroes of Post-Apocalypse couldn’t be missing here. You’ll find plenty of zombie-related stuff here, but my personal favorite is SEX PISTOLS re-design “Never Mind The Apocalypse, Let’s Kill Zombies”. The one with a zombie mask on the inner front side is very nice too :)

There are also many more generic designs with various occult symbols, skulls, aliens, outlandish wild beasts etc. Everything to make you a happy kid :) By the way Darkside has something for the kids too, like funny bilbs, socks, horror-influenced t-shirts and hoodies and even rockabilly dresses for girls… You see, there are people who loves to dress up for Halloween and there are people who’d like every day to be Halloween. If you’re a person of the second kind – come to the Darkside… they do have zombies!


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