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Cyberesque: New Level of Fetish Avant-garde

Model: Sinteque – Photo: Daniel Berserker

I have to confess I’ve always had a soft spot for German underground goth scene. Its music, hedonistic versus fetish attitude and of course the aesthetics made a deep impression on me back in the beginning of the century. I believe the most important thing that stroke me about all this was its highly energetic visual and artistic side which was very sophisticated yet real. I mean, I’m not sure about the whole world, but in Germany it’s not a freaking Halloween, it’s a real scene, a real subculture a lot of people live in. As a result you can take a closer look and find lots of rapt goth/fetish artists, musicians, photographers, models or writers who keep doing their stuff not to get a huge label interested, become stinky rich and light up their cigarettes from burning Euro bills, but simply because they are who they are, and so to speak, it’s their natural underworld. You can’t help feeling an overwhelming sincerity here which is oh so rare on our planet nowadays. I’d lie if I told you any goth brand is a jewel in dirt, but some of them inspire a lot of respect for working independently and creatively within the true initial meaning of those words. Here’s a good example…

The story of Cyberesque has begun in 2005 when Noraly Cyberesque moved from her native Netherlands right to the German underground culture citadel – Berlin. Her interest in fashion wasn’t casual with at least several professional courses in tailoring and pattern making attended. Her education was continued with graduation from the academy of visual arts in Maastricht with visual communication as the main subject. In 2007 she started the brand Cyberesque which is right now one of the best-known fetish fashion brands in Germany, not more, not less.

Credits: Photo 1: Model: Ulorin Vex – Photo: Elena San Francisco / Photo 2: Models: Swantje, Nika, Noraly Cyberesque, Lisa Vandalism – Photo: Silent View / Photo 3: Model: Ulorin Vex – Photo: Elena San Francisco / Photo 4: Model: Valentina DeMonia – Photo: Jana Berlin / Photo 6: Model: Noraly Cyberesque – Photo: Silent View.

Usually the word “fetish” can make you imagine some typical stuff as corsets, high heels boots etc, but Cyberesque tends to address the fetish clothes through a very original lenses. Corsets are still the centerpoint here, but Noraly obviously doesn’t see any point in designing them exactly the way all the other brands do. Her corsets are always original and have lots of elements you wouldn’t expect to see on a standard corset. What is also worth mentioning, besides corsets she creates a lot of different garments to make your look visually complete. Many corsets go with additional accessories with harness, laces and various details made of feathers, synthetic hair, copper, vynil and metal. All the “leather” parts are usually made of best quality vegan leather. As for now the newest brand’s collection includes several examples of quite original head harnesses.

Credits: Photo 1: Model: Sinteque – Photo: Daniel Berserker / Photo 3: Model: Aneta Von Cyborg – Photo: Alte Eule Photography / Photo 4: Model: Thea Tralisch – Photo: Sascha Haubold / Photo 5: Model: Sekou – Photo: Elena San Francisco / Photo 6: Model: La Esmerlada – Photo: Alex Blyg.

As stated on the Cyberesque website, Noraly has no time to get bored, presenting her new collection at pretty much each and every fetish fashion show in Europe and even in Japan. The clothing by Cyberesque can be found at many stores around the world and of course you can expect to see their booth at all the biggest dark festivals in Europe including Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Amphi Festival in Cologne and so on.


All images © Cyberesque

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