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Cyberesque launches WildLife

Cyberesque launches WildLife

The new collection from Cyberesque called “WildLife” has just hit the market and it looks incredible! Everybody who knows this brand is highly aware of what they should expect, but this time I’d say Cyberesque brought something really new to their pattern. Looking at Cassiopea, Aurelia and other corsets you could notice something reminding traditional Japanese clothing shapes and at the same time there’s something almost futuristic in them. The tribal roots are very strong in “WildLife”, which is quite common for Cyberesque known for their fetish/tribal fusion. Check it out here!

Models: 1, 4 & 6 – Monica De Alwis, 2 & 5 – Sotiris Lamprou, 3 – Noraly Cyberesque
Make-Up: Sotiris Lamprou
Foto: Spyros Droussiotis Photography

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