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Criminal Damage: Fashion with Urban Music in Veins

Criminal Damage

Urban clothing is usually just about personal comfort and its looks is believed to be not so important. When you ask people about an urban brand they prefer, most of them would say “No matter”, because if you don’t really look for a certain style it really doesn’t matter what to wear. You just come to a store or rush through Amazon & Co, buy some jeans, a hoodie and you’re alright. But what if I told you it’s more than just possible to express yourself even in your everyday clothes?

The brand “Criminal Damage” was born long ago (in 1991) in London, or as they like to specify – in East London. Led by its mastermind and the chef designer Sunny Aytan “Criminal Damage” literally conquered the British market with quite original yet not too eccentric urban apparel. Looking at their current collections you just cannot ignore its highly energetic appeal, it feels like that’s the way the European rap and hip-hop stars should dress. It’s not some sort of an extravagant garms, it’s a real to the bones big city clothing, very expressive in its simplicity.

The line isn’t limited with a typical set of t-shirts and hoodies representing rather a complete range of everything you might need to look stylish and cool, including trousers, joggers, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts and even light and cozy urban footwear. It looks sporty, but the modern urban fashion is all kind of sporty, so it fits good enough. Almost all the things are available for both ladies and gents.

What I found especially great is that “Criminal Damage” don’t look like strangers to various sorts of experiments. They practice different kinds of edgy prints (including the floral ones), use very popular raw cuts widely and even created a China-influenced collection with the fire-breathing ethnic dragons who look damn cool on the hoodies.

Since the whole “Criminal Damage” line looks very sharp and could pretty much represent the current urban pop culture, the brand started grow recently. Their products can be frequently seen throughout the whole of Europe and even in USA, which is very very promising. Best of luck!


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