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“We’re All Mad Here” T-Shirt from Akumu Ink

Making reviews of the clothes I can personally put my hands on is not a very original idea, but in my opinion (my opinion!) it still makes sense. Need reasons? Well, because obviously the choice of clothes is damn important! And hard, don’t forget about hard. Let’s try to summarize it all.

Things that look great on the promotional pictures can look terrible in the real life.

Truly speaking, the garments look somewhat different in the advertisements and in the real. The reason behind this is that, colour may slightly vary due to the photographic effects; special light effects will be made while taking the promotional pictures, and so on. The look and feel will be perfect that does not suit for wear and feel. Click to read more about these complications.

Things that look very comfy can feel weird when you actually wear them.

Any product’s description is equally awesome… if it’s true.

Usually it’s hard up to impossible to get any idea of the product’s quality level until the package is delivered and opened.

And finally – it’s about hard earned money, so it’s important any way.

And you know what, I’d like to state it very very clear in the very beginning – I won’t be politically correct, because I don’t want to. I know very well, that many reviewers avoid making negative reviews, because they’re way too scared of possible conflicts, “it’s a small world” and stuff. Well, there’s no fun for me in this, sorry. If a product is great, I would say it’s great, but if it’s bad, I’d say so. Life is too short to buy and wear crap, right?


So let’s begin with a t-shirt from Akumu Ink I ordered at Amazon recently. As an introduction I’d say I loved their designs and I even wrote it here! It’s easy to become a loyal Akumu Ink fan, especially if you’re into this kind of dark but cute and smart imagery… Tim Burton’s fans would be thrilled too 🙂



Why didn’t I just ordered it from Akumu Ink’s official website? Harrow and alas, it appeared to be kind of expensive, taking into account the fact that I’m living in Germany. My calculations were simple: if I’d buy it from Akumu Ink itself, I’d pay $39 ($26 for the t-shirt and $13 for the delivery). Today it would be 36 Euro, but on Amazon I found it for just 24 Euro with free delivery. So if you live far from US and Canada, please don’t forget about Amazon and eBay. Though there’s a chance someone would try to sell you a fake, but both Amazon and eBay defend you from such frauds well enough. Plus you’ll receive your order much quicker, because in case of delivery from Canada you’d have to wait for at least 2 weeks, I guess.



The t-shirt looks really nice and I mean it. I bought it L size and it was exactly the same size they mention on the official Akumu Ink website. And it’s long, it’s long, for the pink yelling baby Odin’s sake, it’s long! What I usually hate about certain t-shirts is that for some stupid reason they make them short. C’mon people, I’m 1.83 m. high and my shoulders are 46 cm wide and it fits, but at the same time ends already in my belt zone… Who did you make it for? Square people? Or for those guys who like showing everybody their navel piercing?


The print is of high-quality, very sharp, big and cool. Looks even better than on the promo pictures, if you ask me. Still it’s just a white on black picture and I’m actually going to buy something by AI with more colors to check if it looks as cool as the monochrome one. By the way, the t-shirt is one-sided, but you’ll find a small Akumu Ink logo printed on the back too (photo 2).


It says it’s 100% cotton made in Nicaragua and I guess it’s true. By the way the t-shirt has all the information you might need printed on its inner side. I mean it’s not on a piece of paper or a tag, it’s printed white on black, which is very nice. There you’ll be able to read all the rules of how you need to take care of this t-shirt, how to wash it, how to dry it, everything.


The material itself is very good and soft, it’s really enjoyable to wear it. It’s solid, but also kind of thin, so I believe you’d want to wear it only when it’s warm and sunny. The cloth is also a little stretchable, really just a bit. Stitching seems to be good too, looks pretty accurate, well-made and not cheap.