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Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum 2017 in Hamburg-Öjendorf

Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum 2017 (Hamburg-Öjendorf, Germany)

If you’re curious why we started paying attention to music festivals, I’d say it’s not exactly that simple.

One of the interesting things that flow hand in hand is the combination of music and fashion. The relationship between the music and the fashion is very much creative. In other terms, it can also be said that these two factors create more creativeness. Some of the combinations result in everlasting memories and some become the fashion trends for a period of time. Amidst the fashion and the music, three collaborations exists that includes fashion designers and entertainment celebrities sign a declared project, youth shows off through the fashion and fashion industry interprets musical theme. All these collaborations are fantastic pairs of collaboration. The music celebrities and the designers interact well and their relationship is simply perfect. Their combination results in great success amidst the music lovers and the fashion lovers. Here is the great post to read about the many others stylists. This cultural fashion is the emerging new trend.

  • With the evolution of rock n roll in 1951, the youth culture gained a drastic attention. In the period of 1940s, the teenage girls popularly known as Bobby-soxers became very much popular by their fashion. All the garments and the accessories they wore became very much popular amidst the crowd. In this music fashion also gained fame.
  • The Mods that was formed during 1956 in Britain had a famous talk about the fashion and the menswear. It seems that the garments used were imported. Mods was an extraordinary stylist who stood peculiar from the rest of the society. The evolution in the field of music and fashion took different forms and it all took the attention of people all over the world too.

A new trend that is being set in music industry has direct or indirect effect on the fashion industry too thorough some means. This is been visualised many times in the field of music and fashion. So, it is always said that the relationship between the music and the fashion is always a perfect thing and the right thing too. The partnership between the music and the fashion was good and is ongoing good and will be perfect in future too.

In spite of the fact that music and fashion have always been very close, it’s fashion and not exactly the music what…