Blackcraft Cult: Cats, Coffee, Satan and Spells

Ok, please step aside and let me tell you why I love the lifestyle clothes company “Blackcraft Cult” and what it does. At first sight you could guess it’s a pretty standard apparel startup specialized in the clothes with satanic and occult imagery and then react according to your personal mental state: either decide it’s way too aggressive and even wicked for you, or show the world some horns, like “Yeah, Anton Szandor LaVey rules, man!” Either way in reality the message of “Blackcraft Cult” appears to be way deeper and smarter than just drawing a pemtagram on your neighbor’s fence (by the way, never do that kids or you’ll get no presents for Chrismas next year).


The company has been founded in 2012 by two fellows in arms Jim Somers and Bobby Schubenski who had nothing but $100 and yearning for an own successful brand. And now “Blackcraft Cult” is widely knows in US and also Europe, it has a real shop in Anaheim, CA and you can notice various rock star guys like HIM, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, LACUNA COIL and so on proudly wearing its clothes! Clothes are one of the basic necessities in everyone’s life. It is so important and it plays a key role in show casing the individual person’s culture, personality and personal preferences. In most cases, it is the clothes that decide one’s dignity and personal appearance. It is said that, ones first impression depends upon the clothes they wear and one can try these out too. That’s what I ‘d call a real quick progress and, as you might imagine, its origin couldn’t be in just a bunch of cool pictures or great product quality, otherwise literally anybody could put a pentagram on a black t-shirt and become a millionaire in a week. Jim and Bobby went far beyond that by starting not with images but with a message. And this message was: “Believe in yourself and create your own future, because in reality there are no gods to do it for you”. Interesting enough – this very “laveyish” idea became a real revelation for many people and soon “Blackcraft Cult” started to get quite a following.

The general idea of producing not just clothes but wearable anti-religious statements played very well for the company. Eventually the messages became less direct and more funny with huge load of black humor (or sarcasm?). How about a picture with a burning church and the slogan “Stay lit”? Or a stylish composition of upside-down crosses and slices of pizza with “Hail Satan and Eat Pizza” next to them? Or a Jesus face with the text “Wanted. Reward: Freedom of Thought”? Or a t-shirt with just a big lettering “You keep praying. I’ll keep evolving”? Well, it’s hard to choose, but my personal favorite is probably the one with the “Lucipurr” cat, it’s just too awesome 🙂 Isn’t it? Isn’t it?! Sorry, can’t help myself.


The most used colors here are obvious black, gray and white, though you can find some exceptions here and there. The potential loyal customers of this brand can be described as not only big fans of dark symbolism or gothic, but also as antireligious people who like to express their ideas visually. Well, that’s obvious, because I hardly can imagine someone who’d wear a “Proud to be god free” t-shirt just accidentally or being out of clean shirts in the morning. It’s like a military uniform: you have to stand for it to wear it.

Almost every young brand starts with t-shirts because frankly it’s the most easy-to-make kind of apparel, but as I see Bobby and Jim have no intention to limit themselves. They practice what they preach, make their own future and constantly search for another new direction “Blackcraft Cult” could go. If you come to their website you’ll see not only t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, dresses, leggings etc but also their own branded coffee and even the custom made gothic furniture! They even have their own astrology based dating iOS application “BlackCraft Zodiac”, which is simply something completely different.