Black Milk Clothing: shining, glowing, rocking

You won’t believe if I tell you how much I love positive people who’s literally possessed with an original creative idea. Usually it’s not even really an idea, but rather a vague vision they follow simply because they can’t do any other way.

Being positive is a great strength for oneself. This strength automatically makes the person to face the problem in a more enthusiastic way without any regret. A person being built up with positive vibes makes the people around themselves to feel in a similar way. It is really a good sign. One can read more about this and get benefited here.

And, fortunately for me, there’s quite a lot of such people and I still have something to be exited about 🙂

The story of Black Milk is fairly fascinating and if you like reading the success stories you definitely should give it a try. That will be a time well spent, partly because of these obviously care and dedication the Black Milk’s founder James Lillis has written it with. Long story short: Black Milk was created sort of accidentally. In 2009 James Lillis was brilliantly broke and had no actual plans for his life. He was living in a flat he rented in Brisbane, Australia, working various odd jobs just to pay his rent and have at least something to eat. One day he just sold his CD-player, bought an old sewing machine, spent his last $6 on his first fabrics… and there was no way back for him from that day on. James was about to go a long way from a lone enthusiast who didn’t even know how to sew up to the owner of a very interesting and successful alternative clothing brand he is now. Seriously, follow the link above and read it, may be it’s going to be that magical kick up your butt that will make you stop dreaming and start doing things! Who knows?!

Ok, let’s get to the clothing. The Black Milk has been started with leggings (a pair of leggings was the first thing James actually sold) and at some point it was the main brand’s product, but now the product line is huge and very impressive.

Just look at the colors and textures, that’s what definitely draws my attention. I remember I first saw some pieces of “Go Cosmic” collection somewhere online and thought to myself “Hm, that looks cool”. Using primarily the bright and modern color schemes and very interesting materials Black Milk’s clothing looks very young, positive and I’d say geeky. This impression is growing while I’m looking through such collection as “Halls Of Hogwarts”, “Marvel New York”, “DC Comics”, “”Buff Monster” and of course “Doctor Who”.

Though you shouldn’t think it’s all about comic books and sci-fi movies here, because on top of that Black Milk produces a lot of more serious clothing. Still it always looks very young, colorful and dynamic, often with an interesting and nicely-represented theme. For example, their new collection “Unplugged” is deeply influenced by 70’s rock scene and hippie culture.