Bjork is an Icelandic musician and she is a singer

Bjork is an Icelandic musician and she is a singer, song writer, record producer and an actress. She is one of the famous eclectic musical style singer. At the age of 11, she started her career as a singer. She has been recognized by the international as a leading singer. Number of albums is made by Bjork and about 20 albums have reached top 20 places on US. The name of her was included in the Times 2015 among the list of 100 influential people in the world.

Apart from her carrier in the music field, she began to act in the film in 2000 called Dancer in the dark and she was awarded as a best actress in the Cannes film festival. In 2015, the museum of modern art is fully dedicated to her which has been held in New York. She also engaged I other ventures for the charitable work. In 2004, there was tsunami in Southeast Asia and it affected many people and the properties. For that to raise the fund she began to start a new project called Army of me and appointed many musicians and fans form all round the world. The album released on April in UK and on may in US. At the end the album has raise More Bonuses. She gave all the money for UNICEF which is used to help for the people in the Southeast region.

She hesitates to involve in the political field and gave strong support for number of liberation movements across the world. She gave her full support to get independence for Kosovo. For that she dedicated songs called declare independence twice to Kosovo in the concert which held in Japan. There raised a minor controversy about this song and for the safety concern this song was cancelled in the Serbia’s exit festival.

Bjork has a keen interest related to the environmental issues and se carried out number of works in her native place. She involved in the protest against the building of Alcoa aluminum smelters and aimed to make the Iceland as a big smelter.teh Nattura is an organization founded by her and she aimed to develop the nature of the Iceland and grass root factories. In the article Times, she wrote about the economy of the Iceland and she thought to promote the natural resources and protect her country from the debt. Bjork helped to raise the money in order to save the country from environmental issues.