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Bettie Page Clothing: Vintage is the New Modern

Bettie Page Clothing

I hope you all know who Bettie Page was, but just in case – in 1950’s she was a pin-up legend, a true style icon, the “Queen of Pinups” who’ve got very famous as a fetish and pin-up model. And it’s not a coincidence the brand Bettie Page Clothing has her name: as Bettie Page herself was a 50’s incarnation, the brand brings the best 50’s traditions into the modern fashion world and makes them feel perfectly fine in XXI century.

Bettie Page Clothing was born in 2007, launched by Russian-born model and designer Tatyana Khomyakova and her husband Jan Glaser. In 90’s Tatyana was a model and had a career in Europe, but then moved to USA with a dream to start her own fashion-related business. In about ten years she and her husband started Bettie Page Clothing and this name seemed quite natural for a line of clothes heavily influenced by 50’s. Tatyana says she has always had passion for this kind of clothes, because the 50’s fashion was sexy, yet not “slutty”, stylish, but not too eccentric – exactly what’s hard to find in the boutiques nowadays. Though the idea wasn’t simply about reproducing the old fashion canons, but to create a smart mix of modern culture with 50’s style.

The initial plan was to open a life style boutique in Las Vegas, but in just several years Bettie Page Clothing had 6 of them in USA. Little did Tatyana and Jan know how many markets would embrace their products! The world-wide following happened to be quite notable, because so many women wanted not only to buy a piece or two, but to make it their own style. Especially since this kind of clothes looked good everywhere: in everyday life, at a party or in the office. The beachwear line followed too and was a success, exactly as a line of plus-size versions of some of Tatyana’s dresses. Another surprise was that Rockabilly community took Bettie Page Clothing with heart wide open and that made Tatyana Khomyakova one of the dearest guests at any Rockabilly convention.

All the Bettie Page Clothing products are designed and sewn by “Coral & Jade Apparel”, though Tatyana Khomyakova continues to work on the new clothes. A few years ago she launched “Tatyana”, a new line with slightly more modern and sexy approach.


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