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Bawbags: No Boring Boxers!


Bawbags as a brand is quite easy to remember, because you can hardly find any other line of underwear that would be even close so funky. There’s no place here for those boring standard boxers from your local market. These ones were definitely made to party!

What was definitely unique in Bawbags, the brand was initially started to raise money for charity. As they say, the idea was born in a pub where several friends were just sitting and discussing various ideas until finally the right one came. From the very start is was all about creating “amazing boxer shorts” and at the same time raising money for charity, but oh well… it was destined to go a lot farther. Any good brand becomes a subculture and Bawbags is not exception. Their underwear is funny, sporty and oh yeah extreme – the last feature looks pretty prominent because of such an overwhelming amount of extreme sport professionals (ski divers, skaters, snowboarders, rugby players – you name it) wearing them.

It’s also worth mentioning all their products have quite a remarkable design. No common style here, just anything looking fun, cool and colorful, something you would rarely expect from boxers. By the way if you visit their website you’ll find out it’s not only about underwear – there are also t-shirts, socks, sporty top and bottoms both for men and women, plus caps and winter beanies and “wizard’s sleeves”, something no winter sports fan can do without.

I’d like to add Bawbags officially supports at least several major charity programs, for example the national male cancer program “Orchid” and it totally deserves a lot of respect. So if you’re not really into direct charity, you could at least take part in it by purchasing some cool underwear because as Bawbags say, “Life is too short for boring boxers!”


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