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Bat Norton: Clothing For the Urban Wastelands

Bat Norton

We’ve had a lot of US brands lately so I think there’s no reason we shouldn’t take a look overseas once in awhile. And this time it’s Russia, a country you wouldn’t expect to find a lot of independent alternative clothing brands in, but… Just wait a little and you’ll be surprised, because actually I already have quite a long list of brands from Russian and Ukraine just waiting for their turn to be reviewed. So let’s begin with Bat Norton.

Bat Norton was founded by two friends Dmitrij Muzyka and Valerij Dubov. The whole idea was basically formed thanks to a guy they met at a voluntary camp in France. Dmitrij and Valerij say he was a free spirit skateboarder and his character was strong and charismatic enough to end up as a true inspiration both for them personally and their future brand. The skateboarder’s name was Bat Norton and the guys felt it was right to name their clothing brand after him. I wonder if he knows there’s a business with his name somewhere in Russia :) Anyway soon after that the new company found its place in St.Petersburg and started to work on their first collections, at the same time trying to grabble a very own unique style. Fast forward – now Bat Norton is a respected brand, well-known not only in Russia and other ex-USSR countries, but also – to some extent – in Europe.

As the founders themselves say, their breakthrough collection had some sort of a “nomad” main theme and it was so successful that the following collections still had elements from it here and there. Looking at Bat Norton’s products you just can’t miss their most prominent elements, such as all these long sleeves, flaps and hoods. I can’t say it’s something totally new in the alternative fashion, but this style still feels quite cool here.

The product line is remarkably wide: tees, jackets, pants, mantles and even footwear. And almost everything looks like it’s from the wardrobe of some sort of a Luc Besson’s modern time nomad, a lonely warrior roaming somewhere in the very depth of the stone jungle. In my opinion the mantles and the shoes are especially cool, be sure to check them out. Oh, and the bags, don’t forget the bags looking like leather bunnies and whales.

Seems like Bat Norton isn’t going to stop any time soon and always works on something new, releasing a new collection every season. Speaking about the price range, I wouldn’t expect this brand’s products to be cheap. Sure, it’s the urban clothing, but rather for those who can give at least a number with two zeros for their style.


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