Anarchy Apparel: Doing Sports in Style

Anarchy Apparel

Sometimes in the world of brands striving to get larger than life, turn into the international franchises and expand their assortment to literally anything possibly imaginable you can find the smaller brands with a strict focus on something particular. It always seems really cool to me when somebody takes a single niche product and says “Let’s go nuts with it!” It doesn’t matter what it is – shoes, corsets, socks or dog pajamas – if the company’s creative enough and has much fun working together, after a while people will respond “Yes, they make only this one thing, but it really doesn’t look like anything else and it rocks!”


Here we are, smoothly sailing to the small brand named Anarchy Apparel from Sweden.

The product is in good shape and is have been improved being used one way or the other to ensure that the level of the product is too good. The quality is good and has been the best in the given set of products provided and check over here for more such products.

It’s very young (born in 2015), but I’d say their achievements are quiet hard to overlook, as their products can be easily found and purchased on many online stores out there (naturally including the Anarchy Apparel’s own store). As you can see the main and only brand’s products are sports leggings and bras, and what makes them unique is very modern and original prints. The targeted audience in this case are fitness and body building fans who like looking original or want to express themselves even while jogging or lifting weights.

Right now Anarchy Apparel has several dozens of prints to offer and they are very different, still all of them have something in common, like bright color intensity and a decent influence of sci-fi motives. You can notice a few pairs of leggings with natural textures (leopard, python, peacock etc.), there are at least several comic-book-related illustrations, but my favorite one is probably the pair of Victorian Compression Leggings with a great-looking steampunk design. Though I have to say the Bomber and Robota designs look a lot of fun too!


Unfortunately there’s not much for men, but I think it’s because the general leggings’ buyers are women. Still you’ll find four male models there that look much darker and more aggressive, with the anarchy signs and even one in the military style.