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An Interview With Laura Byrnes Every New Brand’s Owner Should Watch

An Interview With Laura Byrnes Every New Brand's Owner Should Watch

Even if you’re far away from the pinup culture you might know the brand called Pinup Girl Clothing by their collaborations with such celebrities as Traci Lords and Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira. Also you could see lots of other celebrities wearing the brand’s stuff on many occasions with Dita Von Teese, Amy Winehouse and Sarah Silverman among many others. Pinup Girl Clothing was created in the end of 90’s by a professional photographer Laura Byrnes, and here’s one of her early interviews (done by the YouTube channel VanityGirlHollywood) I’d seriously suggest you to watch. During this highly entertaining talk Laura goes into very details of creating a new clothing brand up from a zero and I think it can be quite useful for the young clothing designers dreaming to make an own thing happen. Please watch it and… good luck!

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