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Alice Takes A Trip: Sheffield Goes Victorian

Alice Takes A Trip

I don’t know about you, but according to my experience something interesting always involves a fusion. When you take an element and mix it with something completely different, you can possibly give birth to something quite new and fresh. Something people would describe as “Well… it’s like… ehh… you have to see it for yourself”. So let’s see what we have here!

Alice Takes a Trip is from Sheffield, UK and it was created in 2006 by two sisters Claire and Lauren Middleton. Back then it was a very small business selling basically what Claire and Lauren were designing and creating themselves and it took them just a few years to turn it into a very prominent and successful company with the world-wide following. The main idea behind the brand was to produce a special kind of stylish urban clothes influenced by the local Sheffield culture and spiced with Victorian design elements (like lacy neck-pieces) and even sometimes plain gothic messages.

Another notable special feature of Alice Takes a Trip clothes is animal textures and illustrations. The jumpers and t-shirts with foxes and cats look really eye-catching and you can find them as the bigger patches on some jumpers and even bags, joined by a cute racoon design called “Don’t badger me”. Finally somebody thinks racoons are cute enough for the fashion! There’s also an interesting vintage cat design with lots of cats looking like they were taken from the your grandma’s postcards. Speaking about my own favorites, I found the bag with the black cat design really awesome and I bet some goth people would die for a backpack like this :)

What’s left to say is every piece of every Alice Takes a Trip collection, no matter if it’s made by sisters Middleton themselves or by their team, is printed or hand-finished in their home-town Sheffield. It’s very important for the brand to stay as authentic as it gets.


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